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Innovative Thought is one of the leaders in helping organizations enhance their ability to drive innovation.  Using the latest research from the leading academics  in the field, Innovative Thought has created programs that help their clients identify, recruit and develop their people to enhance their innovation capability.

The first step in Talent Management is finding the right people.  Innovative Thought works with our clients to help them identify and recruit the best people for their needs.  Unlike traditional recruiting firms, Innovative Thought works with clients to “hunt for talent,” identifying the top talent in the industry and then reaching out and recruiting them.  The approach is based on the assumption that the best people are not looking for other work and are happy in their current role.

The challenge in recruiting is not just to get good people in the door, but to identify who is the right fit for the role.  Innovative Thought works with our clients to develop cutting edge assessment tools to be able to differentiate the good candidates from the great candidates.  Innovative Thought can provide their client with a candidate scorecard that summarizes interviews, experience, assessment and performance in skill based case studies.

Innovative Thought will build a full assessment protocol including:

  • Behavioral interviews
  • Custom-built online assessments
  • Off-the-shelf online assessments
  • Custom-built case studies
  • Candidate scorecard
  • Calibration management

Read about our latest research on recruiting for innovation and how we help organizations “hunt for talent:”  Recruiting and Selecting Innovation Leaders