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“High Performance” is one of the latest buzzwords in business.  However Innovative Thought is able to combine experience in business, the latest research on organizational development and experience working in elite sport to  help their clients maximize the ability of their teams.  With experience working with teams at World Cups and the Olympics, getting teams to perform under pressure is what Innovative Thought can do.

The culture of an high performing organization is to encourage creative thinking for everyone in the organization.  This culture requires open communication channels, meeting structures, empowering management techniques and appropriate measurement systems.  Innovative Thought works with clients to build this culture through multiple approaches

Organizational Assessment
Innovative Thought has in-house assessments and off-the-shelf assessments that we use.  We also have the capability, using the latest research, to create specific assessments of our clients.  We often go beyond the basic personal or 360 assessments and create activities and case studies that can really assess skills and attributes within a specific role or context.

Our assessments analyze the organization’s current processes as well as it’s orientation to innovation and change.  The analysis can include online assessments as well as interviews to capture information and the culture of the organization.  Innovative Thought will analyze the data and present the results with recommendations.

Strategic Planning
Having a strong plan for your company is critical to enable the development of an effective organization and to drive innovation.  Alignment along a common direction for all members of a company is critical to encourage innovative thinking and leadership.  There are often unique challenges in aligning smart and creative people and any uncertainty about the future can depress the opportunity for creative thought. Strategic planning coupled with our creative and innovative process lends itself to efficiency, development and growth. Innovative Thought has worked with many companies, divisions and teams to develop their own strategic vision and plan, and uses the process to create buy-in from the stakeholders for a more creative and innovative organization.

Problem-Solving Workshop
Organizational problems can create barriers to effectiveness, innovation and change.  Innovative Thought will bring key stakeholders together to review problems and create buy-in for the most appropriate solution.  This powerful process will create collaboration, cooperation and drive innovation and change.

Sharing Best Practice
Organizations often have the answers to most of their challenges within their people, but there is no mechanisms to share those answers.  Innovative Thought can work with your organization to develop some highly effective, low-cost programs to share the expertise within the organization. These would be team led and include activities like “after-action huddles,” internal development workshops, “learning boards” etc.

Executive Coaching
Executives often need help to adjust their management approach to encourage creative decision-making.  This is especially true for expert organizations where promotion is linked to the development of expertise and skills. Innovative Thought works with leaders of organizations to become more effective through the development of their leadership and management skills.  This is a very individualized and specific program for executives who want to drive their organizational performance.