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As leaders move forward in their careers the demands of their role become almost unbearable.  As talented people work their way up the organization they will find that the demands of the job will force them to look at themselves and how they lead differently.  Innovative Thought has worked with many leaders to support this transition and suggest that developing a more explicit personal leadership model.

Common symptoms of a poorly defined leadership model include

  • The leader being a bottleneck and preventing efficient work flow
  • High turn-over in direct reports
  • Crazy, double booked calendars with nothing but meetings
  • Team members not taking responsibility for decisions
  • Struggles to get out of the tactics and focus on the strategy

Personal Leadership ModelInnovative Thought uses our Principles Approach to help leaders build a personal leadership model.  Using 360 feedback and a iterative process we support the leaders in defining what is important to them and to create explicit expectations of how they want to work with their team.  We include a wellness and energy plan that allows the work-load of the leader to be sustainable for them and their family.