About Us

Innovative Thought is an organization that offers clients individualized attention and experience. Working with clients from around the world, Innovative Thought helps organizations deal with the challenges of innovation and change in any business. Our aim is to build your organizations capability for innovation and development for the right now and the future.

The Innovative Thought Team

Pete Steinberg

Pete Steinberg has been working with organizations for almost 15 years, helping clients create more effective organizations. His expertise is working with super smart and creative people in very dynamic environments. Pete has provided consulting in strategic planning, marketing, innovation, recruiting and organizational development to clients. He is master facilitator and instructor and works regularly as an executive coach for senior executives. Pete is also an elite rugby coach, as the Head Coach of the 7-time National Champion Penn State Women’s Rugby team and the Head Coach of the USA Women’s Rugby team.

“We have an unusual educational consulting model at Innovative Thought. Unlike other consulting companies that do the work for you, we offer an approach that enables our clients to develop the skills to manage their own organization. Whether it is strategic planning, innovation or marketing, we always see it as a way to develop our clients capabilities so they do not need consultants in the future.”

Sam Hunter

Sam Hunter is an Assistant Professor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Penn State University, with expertise in both leadership and innovation management. He has partnered with a range of organizations on applied and academic projects, including Lockheed Martin, NATO,Google, Nike, and Epic Games. His research has been funded the National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research, and the Department of Defense. Sam is the current director for the Leadership and Innovation Lab at Penn State University.


Maria Taylor

Maria Taylor has worked with organizations to formulate strategy, build organizational capability, and align talent development to build the processes, systems and talent required for profitable growth, including American Express, Auntie Anne’s Corporation, Office Depot, Parker Hannifin, Penn State Hershey, Pfizer, Raytheon, and the United State Navy and Marine Corps. Maria co-authored Human Resource Transformation (Davies-Black 2008) and The Strategic Human Resource Leader: How to Prepare Your Organization for the 6 Key Trends Shaping the Future (DaviesBlack 1998).  Maria is currently the Managing Director of Penn State Executive Programs.

John Coumbe-Lilley


John Coumbe-Lilley has a distinctive background in sports, business and recreation management as well as kinesiology and psychology. He has worked in the medical field training, assessing and coaching physicians to perform better as well as designed and executed training exercises and modules for improvement and development of physicians and their practices.

Dr. Coumbe-Lilley is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor and Director of Kinesiology Internships for the University of Illinois at Chicago. He brings to Innovative Thought his years of experience as a coach, consultant and educator and a unique outlook on training and development.

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