Recruitment-peopleI have a client that I have worked with for a long time as an executive coach and he was one of the pioneers that helped me develop the Personal Leadership Model.  He has now taken that model and is applying it in a new way, by using it to build the culture of his new team after his recent promotion.

The PLM is a process that I use with senior executives to help them workout how they want to lead.  In most cases these very successful people have lead intuitively throughout their career, but they get to a role that the demands are too great and they need to develop a new approach.  The key symptoms of the need for change are a filled calendar with no space for personal thought, too many meetings with reports, no clarity on their priorities etc.

The PLM not only lays out where the leader should spend their time, but it can also be used to help the leaders team know how to deal with them.  The outcome of a fully fleshed PLM is an explicit agreement between the leader and their team on how they are going to work together and what their mutual behaviors will be.  This is very powerful as it builds understanding and alignment for the team.

The client looked at his PLM and decided that it not only described the way he wanted to work and spend his time, but it also described the way he wanted his team to work and spend their time.  The full PLM (not every client needs to complete the full process) identifies values that are important with the leader.  My client wants to implement those values into the team and get them to change the way they do things – and he now has a clear expression of what he wants.

It is another way that being explicit about being a leader can help you be more efficient.  Nothing needs to be created for the new leaders team, it is all there in their PLM, and now it is just about implementation.


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