Recruitment-peopleInnovative Thought does a lot of work with recruiting Innovative Leaders.  Here is an interesting paper by Kenexa about hiring the right people to lead innovation.

With innovation being one of the main focal points of successful companies, the ability to find and hire innovative people is one of the challenges. There are several avenues that can be explored in searching for innovative candidates. Peer referrals and professional societies can yield promising results when searching for innovative individuals. These two options are reliable because the referral originates from a personal connection or networking atmosphere. Social media sites can also be valuable in the innovative candidate search. By using professional social media sites one can search within a specific field and gain general information about leaders.

From this general information, networking connections can be discovered or created improving the chances of progressing in the hiring process. These methods I’ve mentioned can be time consuming and require an established network of people. Another tool one can use in the searching and hiring process would be the various psychological assessments. Psychological assessments are a beneficial tool in the selection process because they can measure a variety of characteristics. The more commonly measured characteristics include personality, motivation, and situational judgment.

There is a specific assessment called the Innovation Potential Indicator, which measures an individual’s ability to apply innovative ideas. In addition to these types of assessments, which only measure aspects of the individual, the Person – Organization Fit assessment measures and compares the candidate’s values with those of the organization. In successful companies like P&G, innovation is not merely feature of the corporation but a culture that is present in every area. The P – O Fit focuses on the organizations culture and the equivalence of the individual’s personality. Studies focusing on the P – O Fit, have shown strong correlations between this assessment, job satisfaction, and an individual’s commitment to the organization.

Along the same lines the Organizational Culture Profile is used to assess the individual’s rank of creativity and innovation. The individual’s scores are then compared with those of the organization. Organizations can create a unique and effective process for finding and selecting innovative leaders by using a combination of these various avenues mentioned above.

The psychological assessments can be tailored and customized to the organization and can be freely implemented in the selection process. These assessments add valuable information to a candidate’s profile, which may not have been observed or experienced if a more traditional selection approach was being used. Companies and organizations that are searching for innovative leaders will need to employ the use of creative and original tools and processes in order to be successful.

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